Tips and Hints

I love to help people

Take their house and make it home..find out how they really live and make it work for them…a throw at every sofa, make sense of their family photos and art collections…framing and grouping etc. Taking a whole bunch of photos and making them all black and whites and doing a gallery down a hall way.

Every phone has a pad and a decorative pen, every nightstand has a silver plate coaster for the water you carry to bed. Proper lighting so you never sit in a chair that you cannot read a book. Foyers have rules…a parson’s table whit a mirror over it… one small light, and a silver bowl to catch the keys and the sunglasses when you walk in the door, a candle and maybe a vase of flowers, and of course an umbrella stand.

Setting the bedroom right always starts with the bedding..I believe in white sheets with 2 stripes across the top for a color accent.

A duvee folded in thirds at the end of the bed with a white cotton blanket…why do you think all the best hotels in the world have white sheets? they can use Clorox and get them clean and it is a status symbol.

I love to shop in someone’s home and help them make sense of what they have and where the holes are and what pieces we need to shop for on a budget. Move lamps around and hang photos correctly. Figure out furniture so that it has a relationship to the things around it. Most people place the coffee table way to far from the sofa and they hang oils and photos too high..