Kerry Whitaker

The word home is the most beautiful four letter word in the dictionary according to lifestyle expert and designer Kerry Whitaker.  To her it means not only how a home looks but also how it functions.  Comfort mixed with style, hence Lifestyle Design.

What Kerry Whitaker and Lifestyle Design bring to the numerous homes and yachts she has designed is an unprecedented wealth of experience of how people live from the inside out and how their homes should support and enhance their lives with ease. Her nationally recognized expertise as a lifestyle authority in the media: writing, producing and hosting, on a plethora of home-centric topics has greatly influenced her choices in the beauty and practicality of her interior designs.

I love to help people live better, and you can live better if your nest is organized, comfortable and styled in a way that showcases who you are, says Whitaker.

Kerry's years of experience in the complete lifestyle arena pay off when she is designing projects as diverse as a contemporary house on the ocean; a LEEDS certified log cabin; a New Your bachelor apartment or suburban traditional family home.

She also specializes in helping divorced men and women make their homes complete again. I love to help restore a family's creature comforts and create a new nest for single parents and their children.


"Re-fitting older houses is a challenge I adore, says Kerry. It is always disaster control.  Somehow I thrive on getting all the problems solved. When I am working on a problem, I never think about beauty, I think only how to solve the problem. But when I'm finished, the solution has to be beautiful.

Kerry has been a spokeswoman and model for over three hundred commercials, with over one hundred and fifty national broadcast segments on beauty, fashion and lifestyle for CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox, Lifetime and E! Entertainment. She has also been a regular lifestyle contributor on The Montel Williams Show, Geraldo, CBS Morning News and Regis and Kathie Lee. Armed with those immense resources and personal knowledge, Kerry Whitaker knows how people desire and deserve to live.

In addition, she has extensive experience as lifestyle expert and host for HSN and QVC, and her home designs have appeared on the covers of national shelter magazines such as House & Garden and Style and various yachting publications. She has been the lifestyle contributing editor for Family Circle and Self magazines and has created and hosted over two hundred interstitials for The Food Network. It's easy to see that Kerry probably knows more about lifestyle design, especially as it relates to organization, furniture, food, fabrics products, appliances, ergonomics, price points and aesthetics than any designer in the market.

Kerry also helps and encourages clients to shop in their own homes. By restaging accessories and furniture you can get a whole new look without extra expense. Fortunately, my background has prepared me to be able to work on any budget from Walmart to Neiman's, Macy's to Hermes.

I specialize in getting it down fast, Kerry admits. Instant gratification, I love a challenge.